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Vannkanne - "Indoor" 0.7l (Watering Can - 0.7 Litre Indoor) without rose

kr 490,00
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Vannkanne - "Indoor" 0.7l (Watering Can - 0.7 Litre Indoor) with rose

The 155/1 range is made from galvanised sheet metal, with a powder coated paint finish. The 160/1 can is all copper.

Choose in the drop down menu above from 3 colours: Green (155/1/GRN), Sage (155/1/SAG), Galvanised (155/1/GLV) and the all Copper version (160/1).

  • Hand-made can
  • Made from pre-galvanised metal
  • Gift boxed


Capacity (L) 0.7
Weight when full (Kg) 1.0
Expected Life (Yrs) 10
Long Reach No
Short Spout Yes
Supplied with Slash cut spout
Outdoor No
Indoor Yes
Conservatory, Greenhouse & Patio Yes
Seedlings Yes
Established Plants Yes
Pots Yes
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